Why Skai?


Why Skai? A modern celebrant, I incorporate my adaptable personality to your wedding style.  Your experience of my service to you will be an organised and professional one, whilst truly meeting your unique needs and wishes. With my friendly and amenable character, nothing is too big or small. Discussing with you exactly how you envisage your special day to unfold, I can capture the spirit of your ceremony whilst complying with the relevant legal requirements.

Business owner

Why Skai? I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) majoring in Marketing. With knowledge and enthusiasm gleaned from my studies, I launched my career in the marketing and creative design world in 1998. I then went on to manage a creative design agency, eventually taking the stepping stones to launch my own business in Melbourne, riskai – creative hub. I am now happily living in the Northern Rivers experiencing the many joys of being a full time Byron Bay marriage celebrant.

Creative project manager

Why Skai? Project management is the ‘bringing together’ of all facets of a campaign or project, quite similar to a wedding really. Writing creative briefs, copy, presentations, managing people, timelines and outcomes was my career life for fifteen years in Melbourne. And did I mention that I loved creative writing! Bringing these disciplines and experiences to your wedding ceremony crafting will leave you feeling like I have created something special for your ‘real love’ moment in front of all those you love & adore and you will be confident and happy in the knowledge that your special day will go as planned.


Why Skai? I have been in relationship with my partner for 15 years and married for nine years so I have some understanding of what underpins marriage and the meaning of commitment on a practical level too. Truly understanding the meaning of ‘I do’ brings authenticity to the structure of your ceremony and underpins the importance of marriage.


Why Skai? I am a mum to two special, special daughters, Inca & Solara, whom I adore whilst I watch their amazing little ways, everyday. As a mother, I have experienced some of the joys and challenges parenting can bring, which often come with the journey of marriage.