From India to Byron Bay via New York City…Sparkles all the way!

Leilani & Adam decided they would have a Byron Bay Wedding instead of a small ceremony in India. They wanted to bring the food of India to their wedding, as a reference to that and to their trip there that was so pivotal in the relationship. They found style, inspiration online and started there and always dreaming of throwing a dinner in one long row of dining tables. The single row of tables down the lime tree aisle was a dream come true. It’s exactly what they envisioned from the day.

They are both young & talented digital marketing professionals residing in New York City, working on their business, living the dream of working, living and playing together. They loved my bespoke ceremony written only for them, serving up the delights of their love and journey together. It was a smash hit moment both delivering the ceremony and watching the love overflowing between them! And of course, ‘that dress!’ from just blew me away!

Check out the incredible moments captured by Jimmy Raper Photography Blog here: