Marriage – what you need to know

We all like to look at the gorgeous photography of Byron Bay couples who are glowing and looking extra special for their day, but as we all know Divorce is growing fast in our society. Every year Celebrants are required to attend professional training and this year, the compulsory topic was discussing and approaching marriage counselling with couples. I offer the contact details of 4 counsellors in this local area, as required. Many couples probably look at the information and think ‘ahh we don’t need that – we are in love and having a fabulous time.’ That may be the case which is why Marriage Counselling is excellent before you tie the knot. Sometimes there are many things that may not have been discussed or agreed on, and the world is a changing place with women rising to become power houses in our society, which means, the nest at home is a changing landscape for many. I encourage you to organise Pre-marital Counselling for many reasons. After 11 years of marriage, life is big, adventurous and fun and sometimes unexpected things happen; all the more reason to seek better understanding of each other to prepare yourselves for life together. See below for a local lady who can help steer you.

( Please note, I have no affiliation with Helen Larkey and am simply offering this to couples as good will)

Helen Larkey offers pre-marriage counselling for couples planning to get married.
Helen is a Masters-level trained and experienced counsellor as well as a university-level teacher of communication, conflict resolution and counselling. This experience equips her with the many different theories and approaches to counselling. While similar problems may present across her clients such as communication issues, she recognises and respects that how they wish to solve it will be unique to them.
The main premise of Helen’s work is that the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.
Helen counsels couples to support them to:- Understand each other better- Create a foundation of honest and effective communication in their partnership – Get the tools so they know how to manage conflict when it arises (as it inevitably will)
The program Helen offers to couples involves 4 face to face hours and they also get a folder of materials to take home as well as an optional certificate.
Helen’s clients tell her that she is the only counsellor offering this as a private service (not in a group) between Ballina and Brisbane. Helen works with clients face to face from her practice in Bangalow as well as online and also offers a mobile service (at an additional charge for travel).


Helen’s Mobile: 0438 695 310