Pros & cons for a Byron Bay wedding

When you imagine a beach wedding In Byron Bay, I’m sure you are visualising soft sand, cool ocean breezes and maybe even a gorgeous sunset in the distance with the Byron Bay Lighthouse as a backdrop. This is the ideal scenario, of course, we all like to dream about how wonderful our wedding day is going to be.

It is also good to be aware of the things that your dream does not include; nosy onlookers, gusts of wind (sometimes quite forceful) ruining your wedding hair & whipping up your bridesmaids dresses. And possibly whipping sand into your faces.

The pros and cons of your big day on the beach should be considered….

When planning a wedding in our wonderful Byron Bay & surrounding region, its also easy to choose a ceremony location that has less environmental factors to consider. You can always go to the beach for photos after the ceremony!

If you are super keen on a beach ceremony, below are some suggestions for you to ponder:

Dress sense. Imagine walking down the beach, maybe even practice. Make it easy for yourself. Wear a gown that looks & feels great.

Ditch the heels. Consider flat-sole sandals or wedges or even barefoot. Here in Byron Bay, anything goes.

Consider pinning your hair up. After a windy ceremony at the beach, you can still be looking your best, with an elegant hair style that won’t budge. Have some bobby pins in your emergency kit.

Let your guys go informal. Lightweight cotton pants or even stylish shorts are great options for the beach. Consider more casual footwear too.

Prepare your guests. Make sure your guests know your event will take place on the sand. They want to feel and look good too! A simple mention of your plans on the invitation or wedding website is a nice gesture and will prepare your guests for the sun & wind.

Get a permit. Research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach, especially if it’s within a National Park.

 Privacy & Setup. Think about the timing of your wedding. Remember at some times of the year, beaches can become very busy. Consider sending a friend or planner down to the beach early to stake out your ceremony location.

Time it right. When dealing with beach wedding photos, lighting is especially important. Discuss this with your photographer.

Provide shade & water & maybe a sneaky cocktail. Be kind to your guests. Creating a simple canopy to cover the seating area at least provides protection for the elderly & young. Lavish your guests whilst they await your arrival; a cocktail or a refreshing cool ice water.

Prepare for wind. A good rule of thumb on the beach: Anything that can blow away will. Consider any items that may ‘fly’ in windy conditions. Maybe decide instead not to have them, or think about how to weight them down.

Keep it short. Given factors like heat and audibility, limiting readings & rituals during the ceremony is a good idea. Make sure any rituals can be conducted in windy conditions.

Plan B. Weather can have a mind of its own in Byron Bay – Byron’s stunning display of lightning, thunder and rain can happen with little warning. Have a solid plan B and make sure I know what it is. After all the show cannot go on until I am there!