If you want an epic elopement in Byron Bay with all the trimmings, a highly talented creative team, incredible styling and a savvy business woman leading the charge to make everything just perfect, Elope is the choice for you. I truly love performing elopements and micro weddings with Elope, and have had a big year marrying many many couples as part of the Elope team. See testimonial below from a couple I married with Elope, last week.

Hi Emily!

We are in New Caledonia for our honeymoon and finally have some time to write you an email.
We cannot thank you enough for our wedding day – it was amazing!
Every single thing was beautiful – right from the beginning.
The venue was beautiful and it was so good to stay there for the 4 days.
The flowers were amazing – I loved every single thing about them it’s too hard to single anything out! The coordination of how everything matched down to the girls hair clips and the cake flowers. The colours were perfect and I loved those small flowers that were in the bouquets I’d never seen before. They were just beautiful.
Julie and Ron – omg – magicians! They were great company too and we loved chatting to them. They were so good and sorting out 7 girls would never be easy and they did the most wonderful job.
Marty and the chef were amazing. The food was so good! Marty seemed to have 100 hands and be everywhere at the same time. He did everything from helping me up the path with my dress, taking my shoes off on the sand, and then he magically appears out of the sand at the precise moment to bring us food and drinks! (We’ve now seen the photos of him hiding in the bushes haha!) We were all too nervous and excited to eat much earlier in the day- this is the best idea.
Then they managed to rearrange the furniture in no time at all when the storm hit. They made it all look easy and despite being soaked at the end they kept smiling and were such a lovely part of our day.
Skai was lovely and managed a lovely distraction to our overwhelmed crying (happy tears they said!) little ones by looking for dolphins. Our ceremony was perfect and Skai was lovely in the way she included the girls in it.
Cheryl the photographer was wonderful! We have just seen the photos today and they are beautiful. She said she keeps the rain away and I think she did! We were so lucky being able to have the ceremony and photos on the beach before that storm!
The cake was beautiful! It was a lovely surprise to see it all set up when we came back and everyone loved it. It was so nice we all had it for breakfast the next day and finished it before we left!
Thank you most of all to you Emily- you run an amazing business and have the best suppliers ever in your network. We were so happy to be married in Byron which was where we had our first weekend away together in early 2017 on the anniversary of when we got engaged in France last year. Thank you for making our dream come alive and be even better than we had imagined. We cannot thank you enough for organising all of the details of our teeny tiny wedding and making it perfect!
Thank you so much again,
Carol and Yannick xxxx