Handy Tips: What advice does Skai Ceremonies have for couples wishing to write their own personal vows?

Writing your own vows and reading them during your ceremony is not for everyone.

If it’s not for you, I can suggest other ways to express your open heart.

You can write them, and I can read them for you, or you may choose to write ‘What I love about you’ and I can read 5-10 points you offer. This could be positioned in the ceremony near your Legal Vows, creating sentiment and more significance when legal vows are exchanged.

For those that are up for the challenge of writing personal vows, I always encourage this amazing opportunity to share your love, regardless of how little or how much you want to say. Your spoken feelings will have your guests hanging on every word.

Write as your individual self; it will show the real you to both your partner and your guests.

Capture the spirit, heart and soul of your relationship (with a sprinkling of humour, if this is your style).

Your personal vows have the ability to lift your ceremony to a new and unforgettable level whilst gifting your guests with an intimate insight into your love for one another.

As part of my service I offer couples:

  • examples from real weddings (with names removed of course) There is a mix of humour, sincerity, adventure, life challenges, love, family and travel – all ideas you can introduce into your own vows.
  • the opportunity to review & tweak Vows if a couple feel they need a little help with creating a great flow.

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